How do you get real "farm-to-plate" freshness?


The agriculture industry is buzzing with innovation, technological advancements and alternative farming methods. Our vision is to make the growing of fresh produce accessible to anyone, anywhere and everywhere. Whether in small spaces such as a garage, backyard, rooftop or the traditional wide open space, we can offer a solution. The closer we can bring food cultivation to the consumer, the lower the monetary cost and environmental impact.

There is a reason for the immense gratification one gets from growing and consuming your own food - its part of our DNA - it is what we have been tasked with since the beginning of time.

Whether you want to help feed a nation, your community, or your household, we can offer a solution.

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Prefer to do it yourself?

For the DIY enthusiast, we have detailed designs, plans and components for a range of different aquaponic systems.

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Turnkey Solutions

We supply and install our Flo-Farm range of aquaponic solutions complete with training, manuals and startup- and operational procedures. Once up and running, we also offer fish, fish feed, buffering nutreints, seedlings and maintenance services.


How does an Aquaponic system work?

An ecosystem is created where fish, plants, bacteria, and other microorganisms live together in biotic harmony. The fish feed the bacteria, the bacteria decompose the fish waste into nutrients, the plants absorb the nutrients and deliver clean water back to the fish. It is a recirculating system where no water goes to waste. Due to the nature of this method, the system almost manages itself.

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You could have this at home!

Obtain your own miniature replica of a successful commercial system, backed by many years of experience.